Ahoy there me hearties and welcome to t'biggest collection of Pirate ring tones t'world has e'er seen.

Created by actual pirates, these ring tones will make you the envy of your ship. Sample one of the many classic pirate tunes and voices that are now available to you from "Answer ye phone ye scurvy dog" to "Avast there me hearty and answer ye call." It's all a click away.

Download one or two…if ye dare.

01 Pirates Theme Tune Play Download
02 Drunken Sailor Play Download
03 Bar Room Brawl Play Download
04 Pirate Swing Play Download
05 Pirate Fanfare Play Download
01 Answer ye Phone Scallywag...Answer ye Phone Play Download
02 Avast there m' heartie Play Download
03 Take t' call or be cursed forever Play Download
04 Answer or y'll be feelin the cat o' nine tails Play Download
05 Ye phone isn't goin t' answer itself Play Download
06 Phone be ringin...Ye be warned Play Download
07 Pirates be comin. Ye be warned Play Download
08 I order ye to answer ye phone Play Download
09 Aye ye scoundrel, answer ye phone Play Download
10 Shiver m' timbers. Answer ye phone Play Download
11 Answer ye phone or walk t' plank Play Download
12 What ye afraid of boy Play Download
13 What ye afraid of girl? Play Download
14 Phone b' ringin (The Parrot) Play Download
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